Keep your life's endless routines organized
*While secretly turning them into habits
Order - Direct your life. Build habits. | Product Hunt Embed
Build or drop habits and maintain healthy routines effortlessly and effectively without the anxiety of daily streaks or to do lists.
Reach the elusive planet Order by converting the points you earn achieving your goals into space miles, each point you earn brings you closer to Order.
Stay in focus with a clear view of what's in your daily inbox, and how long since the last time you’ve completed the routine. Metrics for your routines can be submitted in increments throughout the day.
Develop a good habit or quit a bad one. Do it monthly, weekly, weekendly, daily, twice or five times a day.
Add a picture and write down your motivation to help you with your cause.
Complete everything from your daily inbox and see a beautiful photo generated based on your interests.
Each routine's points count towards your yearly goal. The more frequent the routine the more points its worth, challenging you to improve on your previous year's score.
Track your progress with reports you can actually read. Made for humans like you and I.

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

Thomas A. Edison


Our daily lives are full of hassle. With multiple tasks to juggle, we look for apps to help us manage our daily life, but sometimes those apps cause more pain than they alleviate. To create value it's important for an app to assimilate into your daily life and Order does just that by closely resembling an email interface that we're so used to which does not require any cognitive effort to utilize as part of your daily routine.