Having trouble keeping track of time?

Tic Talk's vocal depiction of “time remaining” provides stress-free time management at work, school and home to make every moment count.
Enter the duration of your countdown in minutes or seconds.
Tic Talk will announce the remaining time left or your phrase at the specified intervals

How do we use TicTalk?

for cooking

When we need a reminder to take those eggs out or flip a burger.

for sports

When we need a reminder to change the exercise or a practice drill at specific intervals.

for getting ready

When we need a timely reminders to hurry up picking that outfit so that we can actually leave on time.

with our kids

Whether for timeouts or studying, Tic Talk will keep your kids on track.


Because time flies when you're having fun, let Tic Talk remind you when its time to wrap up.

Use Tic Talk FOR...

How will you use Tic Talk?

What gets measured gets managed.

Peter Drucker

Management Guru

Tic Talk increases productivity by creating a sense of urgency and keeping everyone on track.
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